5.3.5 Component Model Properties dialog for the system

This dialog displays the properties for the system.

To open the dialog, select a blank area in the block diagram, right-click and select Object Properties from the context menu to display the properties for the system or select Object Properties from the Object menu.


The system name, filename and path, and repository.

The Component name field is editable.


If the property is a Boolean variable, a checkbox appears next to it.

Changes in these dialogs alter the LISA code in the model.

Double-click in the Value column to change the property.

Table 5-3 Component properties

Property ID Default Description
Component name component_name "" A string containing the name for the component.
Component category component_type "" A string describing the type of component. This can be "Processor", "Bus", "Memory", "System", or any free-form category text.
Component description description "" A textual component description.
Component documentation documentation_file "" A filepath or an HTTP link to documentation. Supported file formats are PDF, TXT, and HTML.
Executes software executes_software 0 The component executes software and can load application files. 1 for processor-like components, 0 for other components.
Hidden hidden 0 1 for components hidden from the Component window. Otherwise, hidden components behave exactly as normal components, and they do appear in the Workspace window.
Has CADI interface has_cadi 1 1 for components with a CADI interface, permitting connection to the target with a CADI-compliant debugger. 0 for components with no CADI interface.
Icon pixmap file icon_file "" The XPM file that contains the system icon.
License feature license_feature "" The license feature string required to run this system model.
Load file extension loadfile_extension "" The application filename extension for this target. Example: ".elf" or ".hex".
Small icon pixmap file small_icon_file "" The XPM file that contains the 12x12 pixel system icon.
Component version version "1.0" The version of the component.
Parameter name

The parameters for this component.


Select a parameter and then click the text box in the Value column to set the default value. Integer parameters in decimal format can contain binary multiplication suffixes. These left-shift the bits in parameter value by the corresponding power of two.

Table 5-4 Suffixes for parameter values

Suffix Name Multiplier
K Kilo 210
M Mega 220
G Giga 230
T Tera 240
P Peta 250
Parameter ID in LISA code

The LISA ID for the component parameters.


Click to add a new parameter.


Select a parameter and then click to change the name.


Select a parameter and then click to delete it.


All external ports.

If a port contains an array of ports, the Size column displays the number of ports in the array.

Enable/disable individual ports with the checkboxes:

  • Click Show selected ports to display the checked ports.

  • Click Hide selected ports to hide the checked ports.


The available LISA prototypes. The list is for reference only. It is not editable.

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