5.3.8 Edit Connection dialog

This dialog controls port connection properties.

To open the dialog and change the connected port or the address mapping, select a connection from the Port Properties dialog and click Edit Connection....


For a slave port, the source component is editable. For a master port, the destination component is editable.


For a slave port, the master port is editable. For a master port, the slave port is editable.

Array index

For port arrays, an index value for the element to use.

Enable address mapping

Set the port address range with the Start and End boxes.


The start address for the port.


The end address for the port.


The size of the address region. Given the Start and End values, System Canvas calculates this value.


Click OK to modify the connection. Click Cancel to close the dialog without changing the connection.

LISA statement
The code equivalent to the address range.
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