5.3.9 File/Path Properties dialog

This dialog displays properties for the file and controls build and compile options.


  • On Microsoft Windows, the / and \ directory separators both appear as /. This simplification does not affect operation.
  • Avoid using Japanese or Korean characters in filepaths. They can cause failure to find libraries.

Select a component from the Component window Files tab, right click on it to open the context menu, then click Properties to display the dialog.

File or path
The name of the file.


The File Properties dialog is modeless. You can select a different file without closing the dialog. A warning message prompts to save any changes.
Absolute path
The full path to the file.
The repository file that contains this component entry.
A brief description of the component type.
The status of the file. For example, file does not exist.
Supported platforms
Select the platforms that the component supports:
  • Linux64.
  • Win64 (Release runtime library).
  • Win64D (Debug runtime library).
Select the compiler for this component from the drop-down list:
  • No preference.
  • Specific Microsoft Visual C++ compiler.
  • gcc version found in $PATH at compile time.
  • Specific gcc version.
Build actions
Default actions depending on file extension
A LISA source file that SimGen parses.
.c .cpp .cxx
A C or C++ source file that the compiler compiles.
.a .o
A Linux object file that SimGen links to.
.lib .obj
A Microsoft Windows object file that SimGen links to.
A project file that SimGen parses.
A component repository file that SimGen parses.
An include directory for the search path that the compiler uses. The trailing slash identifies it as an include path. For example, to add the directory that contains the *.sgproj file, specify ./ (dot slash), not only the dot.
All other files
Copy a deploy file to the build directory.


Simulation Generator (SimGen) is one of the Fast Models tools.
Exclude the selected file from build and deploy. This feature can be useful for examples, notes, or temporarily disabled files.
Customize actions
Ignore the file extension. Specify the actions with the check boxes:
LISA - input file passed to Simulator Generator as LISA
System Canvas passes the file to SimGen as a LISA file. Do not use this option for non-LISA files.
Compile - compile as C/C++ source code
To compile a file as C/C++ code during the build process, add it to this list of files.
Link - input file for linker
Link the file with the object code during the build process.
Deploy - copy to build directory
Copy the file into the build directory. This option can, for example, add dynamic link libraries for running the generated system model.
Include path - add the file’s path to additional include directories
Add the path of the parent directory that holds the file to the list of include directories for the compiler.
Library path - add the file’s path to additional library directories
Add the path of the parent directory that holds the file to the list of library directories for the compiler.
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