5.3.10 Find and Replace dialogs

This dialog enables searching for and replacement of text in an editor window.

The Find dialog and the Find and Replace dialog are essentially the same dialog in two modes, find only, and find and replace. Switch modes by clicking the Find mode or Find and replace mode buttons. By default, matches are case sensitive but matches can appear as part of longer words. Change the default behavior by setting or clearing the relevant checkboxes in the dialog.

Open the Find dialog by clicking Search > Find... in the main menu. Type the text to find in the box and click the Find Next or Find Previous buttons to search upwards or downwards from the current cursor position. You can re-use previous search terms by clicking on the drop-down arrow on the right of the text entry box.

Open the Find and Replace dialog by clicking Search > Replace in the main menu. Replace the current match with new text by clicking the Replace button, or all matches by clicking the Replace All button. You can re-use previous find or replacement terms by clicking on the drop-down arrow on the right of the text entry boxes.

Find and Replace mode is only available if the current active window is a source editor. In that mode, additional replace controls appear. The dialog is modeless, so you can change views without closing it.

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