5.3.12 New File dialog (File menu)

This dialog creates new projects and LISA source files.

To display the dialog, select New File from the File menu or click the New button.

Look in

Specify the directory for the new file.

File name

Enter the name for the new file.

File type
  • If a project is not open, this box displays .sgproj by default to create a project.

  • If a project is open, this box displays .lisa by default to create a LISA source file.

Add to

Active for non-.sgproj files. Check to enable the adding of the created file to the open project.


Click to accept the name and path.

If the new file is of type .sgproj, System Canvas prompts for the top level LISA file.


Save time with the Recently selected files drop-down list. To remove a file, mouse over it and press Delete, or right-click and select Remove from list from the context menu.

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