A.1 About SystemC Export generated ports

The generated SystemC component must have SystemC ports to communicate with the SystemC world. The SystemC Export feature automatically generates these ports from the Fast Models ports of the top-level component.


Although it is possible to export your own protocols, Arm strongly recommends using the AMBA-PV protocols provided and bridge from these in SystemC, if needed.

The SystemC export feature automatically generates port wrappers that bind the SystemC domain to the Fast Models virtual platform.

Figure A-1 Port wrappers connect Fast Models and SystemC components
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Each master port in the Fast Models top level component results in a master port on the SystemC side. Each slave port in the Fast Models top level component results in a slave port (export) on the SystemC side.

For Fast Models to instantiate and use the ports, it requires protocol definitions that:

  • Correspond to the equivalent SystemC port classes.
  • Refer to the name of these SystemC port classes.

This effectively describes the mapping from Fast Models port types (protocols) to SystemC port types (port classes).

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