6.2 SimGen command-line options

System Generator (SimGen) options, short forms, and descriptions.

Table 6-1 SimGen command-line options

Option Short form Description
--bridge-conf-file FILENAME - Set auto-bridging JSON configuration file FILENAME.
--build -b Build targets.
--build-directory DIR -

Set build directory DIR.

--clean -C Clean targets.
--code-for-msvc -m

Generate code and projects for Microsoft Visual Studio.

--config FILENAME -

Set SimGen configuration file FILENAME. By default, simgen.conf.

--configuration NAME - The name for the configuration.
--cpp-flags-start -

Ignore all parameters between this and --cpp-flags-end, except -D and -I.

--cpp-flags-end -

See --cpp-flags-start.

--cxx-flags-start -

Ignore all parameters between this and --cxx-flags-end, except -D.

--cxx-flags-end -

See --cxx-flags-start.

--debug -d

Enable debug mode.

--define SYMBOL -D

Define preprocessor SYMBOL. You can also use SYMBOL=DEF.

--devenv-path ARG -

Path to Visual C++ development environment, devenv.

--disable-warning NUM -

Disable warning number NUM.

This overrides the --warning-level LEVEL option.

--dumb-term -

The terminal in which SimGen is running is dumb, so instead of fancy progress indicators, use simpler ones.

--enable-warning NUM -

Enable warning number NUM.

This overrides the --warning-level LEVEL option.

--gcc-path PATH - Under Linux, the GCC C++ compiler that builds the model. Passes the full path of the chosen g++ executable to SimGen. Match this GCC version to the GCC version in the model configuration. By default, SimGen uses the g++ in the search path.
--gen-sysgen-lib -

Generate system library.

--help -h Print help message with a list of command-line options then exit.
--ignore-compiler-version -

Do not stop on a compiler version mismatch. Try to build anyway.

--include INC_PATH -I Add include path INC_PATH.
--indir_tpl DIR -

Set directory DIR where SimGen finds its template data files.

--link-against LIBS -

Final executable will be linked against debug or release libraries. LIBS can be debug or release, does certain consistency checks.

--MSVC-debuginfo-type ARG -

Set the debug info type for MSVC projects. ARG can be one of:

noneNo debug info.
/ZiProgram Database.
/ZdLine numbers only.
--no-deploy -

Prevent SimGen from copying deployed files from their original location to the location of the model. For example, when this option is specified, SimGen does not copy armctmodel.dll or libarmctmodel.so from the model library to the location of the generated model.

This option is for advanced users who are building models in a batch system, or as part of another tool where they are taking responsibility for making sure all the required libraries are present.

--no-lineinfo -c

Do not generate line number redirection in generated source and header files.

--num-build-cpus NUM - The number of processors used during the build.
--num-comps-file NUM -

The number of components generated into one file.

--outdir_arch DIR -

Set output directory DIR for file with variable filenames.

--outdir_fixed DIR -

Set output directory DIR for file with constant filenames.

--override-config-parameter PARAM=VALUE -P

Override the configuration parameter from the *.sgproj file.

--print-config -

Print out configuration parameters in file .ConfigurationParameters.txt.

--print-preprocessor-output -E

Print preprocessor output, then exit.

--print-resource-mapping -

Print flat resource mapping when generating a simulator.

--project-file FILENAME -p Set SimGen project file FILENAME.
--replace-strings -

Replace strings in files, then exit. Ignore binary files. Usage:

simgen --replace-strings FOO BAR [FOO2 BAR2]… -- FILES…
--replace-strings-bin -

Replace strings in files, then exit. Do not ignore binary files. Usage:

simgen --replace-strings-bin FOO BAR [FOO2 BAR2]… -- FILES…
--top-component COMP -

Top level component (system).

--user-MSVC-libs-start -

Set additional libraries for MSVC projects. The list is terminated by --user-MSVC-libs-end.

--user-MSVC-libs-end -

See --user-MSVC-libs-start.

--user-sourcefiles-start -

Add source files listed between this option and --user-sourcefiles-end to the executable.

--user-sourcefiles-end -

See --user-sourcefiles-start.

--verbose ARG -v

Verbosity. ARG can be: on, sparse (default), off.

--version -V

Print the version and exit.

--warning-level LEVEL -w Warning level LEVEL.
--warnings-as-errors - Treat LISA parsing and compiler warnings as errors.
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