4.3 Debugging with Microsoft Visual Studio at the source level

This section describes how to debug at the source level with Microsoft Visual Studio on Microsoft Windows and System Canvas.

Use Microsoft Visual Studio to perform LISA+ source-level debugging on Microsoft Windows. Arm recommends that you generate the system and launch Microsoft Visual Studio from System Canvas.


  1. Start System Canvas and load the project for your model.
  2. If you have not already done so, build a Debug version of your system by selecting one of the Win32-Debug-VC20xx or Win64-Debug-VC20xx options in the Select Active Project Configuration menu, and rebuilding your model.
    If you select Generate, you can use Microsoft Visual Studio later to build the model.
  3. Launch Microsoft Visual Studio from System Canvas by clicking the Devenv button or pressing Alt+F5.
  4. From Microsoft Visual Studio, select StartUp project to select the target to debug. The target file can be either an ISIM executable or CADI dll.
  5. Use the Project Properties dialog to configure any required parameters for the target.
    For ISIM systems, all Model Shell command lines options are available, but specifying the model is unnecessary. For a CADI dll, you must specify either Model Debugger or Model Shell as the executable to run.
  6. Start debugging by selecting Run in Microsoft Visual Studio.
This section contains the following subsection:
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