7.7.6 sg::ThreadSignal class

This section describes the ThreadSignal class. It represents a nonschedulable event on which threads can wait. When the event is signaled, all waiting threads can run.


This method destroys ThreadSignal objects, thread signals.


Destroying these objects while threads are waiting for them leaves the threads unscheduled.


This method notifies the system of the event, waking up any waiting threads.

void notify();

SchedulerRunnable::threadProc() can call this method, but calls can come from outside of threadProc(). Calling this method when no thread is waiting for the signal is valid, but has no effect.


This method returns the name of the instance that owns the object.

const char *getName() const;

This is the name that createThreadSignal() received.

ThreadSignal inherits this method from sg::SchedulerObject.

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