7.5.3 TLM 2.0 bus protocol for an exported SystemC component

Here is an example of a TLM 2.0 bus protocol.

protocol MyProtocol 
    #include <mySystemCClasses.h> 
    sc_master_base_class_name = "my_master_base"; 
    sc_master_socket_class_name = "my_master_socket<64>"; 
    sc_slave_base_class_name = "my_slave_base<64>"; 
    sc_slave_socket_class_name = "my_slave_socket<64>"; 
  slave behavior read(uint32_t addr, uint32_t &data); 
  slave behavior write(uint32_t addr, uint32_t data); 
  master behavior invalidate_dmi(uint32_t addr); 

This protocol enables declaring ports that have read() and write() functions. This protocol can declare master and slave ports.

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