8.1.2 Prerequisites

The Generic Graphics Accelerator is available in Fast Models version 10.0 and later. It is supported on both Windows and Linux hosts.

To use the Generic Graphics Accelerator, the Arm® Mali™ OpenGL ES Emulator must be installed on the host. For information, see Installing the Arm® Mali™ OpenGL ES Emulator.

The target must use:

If the Fast Models version is 10.3.016 or later, the Generic Graphics Accelerator supports integration of the Android target graphics software stack with one of the GPU register models, for example Mali_G71. For details about these models, see Fast Models components in Fast Models Reference Manual.

Installing the Arm® Mali™ OpenGL ES Emulator

This section walks you through the installation step by step.


  1. Download the installation package for Windows or Linux from http://malideveloper.arm.com/resources/tools/opengl-es-emulator/.
  2. Install and configure the emulator.
    For the instructions, see the Mali OpenGL ES Emulator User Guide, contained in the installation package.
  3. Verify the installation by running the mali-cube application.
    For details, see the emulator user guide.

    When the installation is successful, you can see a spinning cube, as shown in the following figure:

    Figure 8-3 Mali Cube Application

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