9.6.1 Configuring instruction prefetching

Configure instruction cache prefetching for AEMv8-A processor models by using the following cluster-level parameters:

true to enable simulation of instruction cache prefetching, false otherwise. Defaults to false.
The execution of a branch instruction causes the model to prefetch instructions from the memory region starting at the branch target address into a number of sequential cache lines. If true, the following extra parameters are available:
Specifies the zero-indexed cache level into which instructions are prefetched. Defaults to 0, which means L1.
Specifies the number of additional, sequential instruction cache lines to prefetch. Defaults to 1.


These parameters only have an effect when cache state modeling is enabled, which is controlled by the model parameter icache-state_modelled.


The following command-line enables instruction cache prefetching and displays WAYPOINT trace events in the console:


A WAYPOINT is a point at which instruction execution by the processor might change the program flow.
./FVP_Base_AEMv8A.exe -a $PVLIB_HOME/images/brot.axf \ 
-C cache_state_modelled=1 \ 
-C cluster0.icache-prefetch_enabled=1 \ 
-C bp.secure_memory =false \ 
--plugin $PVLIB_HOME/plugins/Linux64_GCC-5.4/GenericTrace.so \
-C TRACE.GenericTrace.trace-sources=WAYPOINT
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