1.2.1 Fast Models tools

Fast Models tools is a set of tools that enable you to create custom models.

It consists of the following:

System Canvas
A GUI design tool for developing new model components written in LISA+ and for building and launching system models. It displays the model as either LISA+ source code, or graphically, in a block diagram editor:
Figure 1-1 System Canvas

System Generator
A backend tool that handles system generation. System Generator can either be invoked from the System Canvas GUI, or by using the simgen command-line utility. System models that are created using System Generator can be used with other Arm® development tools, for example Arm Development Studio or Model Debugger, or can be exported to SystemC for integration with proprietary models.
Model Debugger
A GUI debugger that connects to a model through the CADI interface. It enables you to debug code running on the model:
Figure 1-2 Model Debugger

Model Shell
A command-line tool for launching simulations. It can also run a CADI debug server to enable debuggers to connect to the model. Some models, for example Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVPs), are supplied as executables. These models are launched standalone rather than from Model Shell, and have the same command-line options as Model Shell.


Arm deprecates Model Shell from Fast Models version 11.2.
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