2.2 Configuring the model

When you start the model from the command line, you can configure it using either:

Each -C command-line argument or line in the configuration file must contain:

Use the following format:


The instance can be a hierarchical path, with each level separated by a dot “.” character.


  • Comment lines in the configuration file begin with a # character.
  • You can set Boolean values using either true or false, or 1 or 0.

You can generate a configuration file with all parameters set to default values by redirecting the output from the --list-params option into a new file, for example:

FVP_Base_AEMv8A.exe --list-params > params.txt

Example 2-1 Sample lines in a configuration file

# Disable semihosting using true/false syntax
# Enable VFP at reset using 1/0 syntax
# Set the baud rate for UART 0
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