2.1 Loading and running an application on an FVP

There are different ways to run an application on an FVP, for example from a command prompt, or from Model Debugger, or Arm® Development Studio.

To run an FVP from the command prompt, change to the directory where your model is located. At the command prompt, enter the model name followed by the model options. To see all available options, use the --help option. The following options are commonly used when running an application on an FVP:

-a [instance=]filename.axf
Specifies the application to load, and optionally, the instance to load it on. The file can be in one of the following formats, or in gzip-compressed versions of them:
  • ELF.
  • Motorola S-Record.
  • Intel-Hex.
  • Verilog-Hex, in the format:
    @<address_in_hex> <byte_in_hex>

If the FVP contains multiple CPU instances, you can specify the instance to load the image on. The instance name can include a wildcard (*), for example:

FVP_Base_AEMv8A-AEMv8A -a cluster0.cpu*=__image.axf 

Omitting the instance name loads the application on all cores in the first cluster. If the FVP has multiple cores but no clusters, you must specify the instance name.

--data filename.bin@address
Loads binary data into memory at the address you specify.
-C instance.parameter=value
Sets a single model parameter. Parameters are specified as a path that separates the instance names and the parameters using dots. For example, -C bp.flashloader0.fname=fip.bin loads a program into flash. To list all the available parameters, with their type, default value, and description, invoke the model with the --list-params, or -l option. To set multiple parameters at the same time, use the -f option instead.
-f config_file.txt
Specifies the name of a plain text configuration file. Configuration files simplify managing multiple model parameters. You can set the same parameters using this option as with the -C option.
Starts a CADI debug server. This option allows a CADI-enabled debugger, such as Model Debugger or Arm Development Studio Debugger, to connect to the running model. The model waits for the debugger to connect before starting.

For example:

models_directory/FVP_Base_Cortex-A57x1 -a __image.axf -f params.txt

You can also launch and debug bare metal and Linux applications on an FVP from Model Debugger or Arm Development Studio Debugger. These debuggers use CADI to communicate with the FVP, so you must use the -S option when launching the FVP.

Starting the model opens the FVP CLCD display, which shows the contents of the simulated color LCD framebuffer.

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