1.1 About FVPs

Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVPs) enable development of software without the requirement for real hardware.

FVPs are supplied as standalone executables for Linux and Windows. They are not customizable, although you can configure some aspects of their behavior through command-line parameters.

Arm provides different types of FVP. They can be based on the following:

  • Arm®v8‑A or Armv8‑R Base Platform. These are called Base FVPs.
  • Arm MPS2 or Arm MPS2+ platforms, for Cortex®‑M series processors. These are called MPS2 FVPs.
  • Arm Versatile™ Express development boards. These are called VE FVPs.

FVPs are available with a wide range of Armv7 and Armv8 processors, and support the CADI and MTI interfaces, so can be used for debugging and for trace output.

Another type of FVP is the Foundation Platform, which is a simple FVP that includes an Armv8‑A AEM processor model, that is suitable for running bare-metal applications and for booting Linux.

Arm provides validated Linux and Android deliverables for the Armv8‑A AEM Base Platform FVP and for the Foundation Platform. These are available on the Arm Community website at Arm Development Platforms. To get started with Linux on Armv8‑A FVPs, see Armv8-A FVPs also on Arm Community.

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