2.3 FVP debug

This section describes how to debug an FVP.

FVP debug options

To debug an FVP, you can either:

  • Run the FVP from within a CADI-enabled debugger.
  • Start the FVP with the -S command-line argument and then connect a CADI-enabled debugger to it.

For information about using your debugger in these ways, see your debugger documentation.

Semihosting support

Semihosting enables code running on a platform model to directly access the I/O facilities on a host computer. Examples of these facilities include console I/O and file I/O.

The simulator handles semihosting by intercepting HLT 0xF000, SVC 0x123456, or SVC 0xAB, depending on whether the processor is in A64, A32 or T32 state. It handles all other HLTs and SVCs as normal.

If the operating system does not use HLT 0xF000, SVC 0x123456, or SVC 0xAB for its own purposes, it is not necessary to disable semihosting support to boot an operating system.

To temporarily or permanently disable semihosting support for a current debug connection, see your debugger documentation.

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