2.1.3 Launching Model Debugger separately

How to connect to remote Integrated SIMulator (ISIM) model simulations.

You can debug any model that has a CADI interface with Model Debugger.


  1. Start your model, for example using Model Shell with a CADI server enabled.
  2. Launch Model Debugger.
  3. To display the Model Debugger - Connect remote dialog box, select File > Connect to Model :
    Figure 2-6 Connect remote dialog box
    Connect remote dialog box

  4. Select the required simulation instance and click Connect.
  5. Select a target, for example the processor, and click Connect to connect to the specific component instance in the simulation.
    Figure 2-7 Select Target dialog box
    Select Target dialog box

    If you select more than one instance, one Model Debugger window opens for each component. Click OK to close the dialog box.

  6. If no application loads, select File > Load Application Code . Select the application image from the Load Application dialog box and click Open.


    If the application loads and the debug information in the application file allows it, Model Debugger displays the source code in the source window.
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