3.1.3 Linux environment configuration scripts

Model Debugger provides setup scripts in the etc directory. The appropriate setup script must be executed to configure your environment for Model Debugger.

  • For Bourne and related shells, use:

    . installation_directory/etc/setup.sh
  • For C and related shells, use:

    source installation_directory/etc/setup.csh

You might find it more convenient to add a reference to the Model Debugger configuration script to your usual startup script.

The setup script sets the following environment variables:

Table 3-1 Environment variables

Variable Description


The PATH environment variable is updated to include installation_directory/bin.


Set to the Model Debugger installation directory. Model Debugger was previously named MaxView.


Set to the location of the license file or license server (using port@host syntax) for Model Debugger. See the Arm® License Management documentation for more information. If necessary, you can change this environment variable after installation by editing the setup.[c]sh script.

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