2.4 SMP support

Model Shell provides Symmetric MultiProcessing support. It can be simple or standard.


This is only suitable for model systems that have one SMP cluster. The same application is loaded in all cores.

model_shell -m smp_model.so -a app.axf

This is suitable for all cases and uses the -a option to list the applications for each core.

Use the full instance name of each core.

model_shell -m smp_model.so -a multiprocessor.processor0=app1.axf -a multiprocessor.processor1=app2.axf

In addition to loading individual applications for each core, the -a option also enables loading the same application in all cores.

Replace the index of the core with *.

model_shell -m smp_model.so -a multiprocessor.processor*=app.axf
model_shell -m smp_model.so -a "multiprocessor.*"=app.axf


On Unix, the * character requires escape quotes.
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