Appendix B Revisions

Read this for a description of changes between released issues of this book.

B.1 Revisions

This appendix describes changes between released issues of this book.

Table B-1 Issue 0000-00

Change Location Affects
First release - -

Table B-2 Differences between issue 0000-00 and issue 0000-01

Change Location Affects
Updated content. 1.1 About GFC-100. All revisions.
Moved start and end points of flash_pwr_rdy signal. Figure   2-1 GFC-100 internal structure.
Clarified description of data width. 2.2.1 AHB-Lite slave interface.
Updated the Error response description. 2.2.2 APB slave interface.
Updated the Address width description. 2.2.4 Generic Flash Bus.
Updated content. 2.3 Clocking.
Updated content. 2.4 Resets.
Updated descriptions for the Command Success and Command Fail interrupts. 2.5 Interrupt sources.
Updated the Arbitration scheme description. 2.6 Generic Flash Bus arbiter.
Added notes to the CMD_FAIL_IRQ_STS_SET and CMD_SUCCESS_IRQ_STS_SET bit descriptions. 3.4.3 IRQ_STATUS_SET.
Updated the faddr[21:0] description. Table   A-4 Generic Flash Bus signals.

Table B-3 Differences between issue 0000-01 and issue 0000-02

Change Location Affects
Changed the product name from 'Vultan' to 'GFC‑100'. Throughout the document. All revisions.
Added some usage constraints. 3.4.8 ADDR. All revisions.
Updated the register bit descriptions. All revisions.
Deleted an erroneous table footnote. All revisions.
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