A.7 P-Channel controller interface signals

The P‑Channel controller interface processes all P‑Channel signals.

The following table shows the signals that are used by the P‑Channel controller interface.

Table A-7 P‑Channel controller interface signals

Signal name Direction Source or destination Description
preq Output Process‑specific part Power state change request. Active‑HIGH.
pstate Output Process‑specific part

Requested power state value:

0 = All powerdown (default).

1 = All powerup.

paccept Input Process‑specific part

Accept indication. Active‑HIGH.

Synchronized with double-flop synchronizer.

pdeny Input Process‑specific part

Deny indication. Active‑HIGH.

Synchronized with double-flop synchronizer.

pactive Input Process‑specific part

Activity indication for each power state. Active‑HIGH.

Synchronized with double‑flop synchronizer.

Driving signals

GFC-100 drives all output signals from registers, and double‑flop synchronizers capture all input signals. This enables the P‑Channel device and GFC-100 to be fully synchronous. It also enables the P‑Channel device to be placed in a different power domain, if necessary.

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