2.2.6 Q-Channel interface for power

The Q‑Channel interface for power is a control port for managing the system power.

GFC-100 can accept or deny a request from the Power Policy Unit (PPU) to turn off all operations that are using power.

Activity indication

GFC-100 uses the qactive_pwr signal to indicate that it has an activity that is using power. When GFC-100 asserts qactive_pwr, the PPU keeps the power enabled.

Accepting a request

When GFC-100 or the embedded Flash is inactive, GFC-100 accepts the quiescence request for power, and enters the Q_STOPPED state. GFC-100 must then drive the process‑specific part to a powerdown state before accepting the Q‑Channel request.

Denying a request

When the PPU requests power to be disabled, if the activity indication is HIGH, GFC-100 denies the request.

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