3.4.16 PIDR2

Peripheral identification register 2. Returns byte[2] of the peripheral ID. The PIDR2 register is part of the set of peripheral identification registers.

The PIDR2 register characteristics are:

Usage constraintsThere are no usage constraints.
ConfigurationsThere is only one configuration.

The following figure shows the bit assignments.

Figure 3-21 PIDR2 register bit assignments
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The following list shows the register bit assignments.

[7:4] REVISIONRevision identifier for the GFC-100:
  • 0x0 = r0p0.
[3] JEDECIndicates the use of a JEDEC‑assigned ID value.
[2:0] DES_1JEDEC JEP106 ID code [6:4]. See also PIDR1.DES_0[3:0] and the Standard Manufacturer’s Identification Code.
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