2.2.7 P-Channel controller interface

The P‑Channel controller interface is a control port for managing the power of the attached process‑specific part.

GFC-100 can request changes to the power state when it accepts a powerdown request from the system‑level Power Policy Unit. When GFC-100 leaves reset and is not in quiescent state, it enables power to embedded Flash automatically.

GFC-100 supports two power states, all powerup, and all powerdown.

State encoding

GFC-100 uses a single bit to encode the two Flash macro power states of either all powerdown (0), or all powerup (1).

Activity encoding

The pactive signal indicates the required power state of a particular activity. The pactive signal is expected to be driven by the process‑specific part to force power to remain active, otherwise pactive is LOW.

Responding to a request

GFC-100 initiates all activity, and does not expect the process‑specific part to assert a request denial. However, GFC-100 can support request denial if it is used by the process‑specific part. The time taken by the process‑specific part to accept a request depends on its implementation.

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