2.2.3 APB master interface

The APB master interface is a control port for any registers that are connected externally that control the behavior of the process‑specific part.

Address width

The address width is 12 bits, and allows access to a 4KB address space.

Strobe signals

Strobe signals can access external registers at byte level. Each strobe signal corresponds to a byte within the 32‑bit write data.

Delayed response

GFC-100 drives transfers through the APB master interface that are based on the incoming accesses from the APB slave interface. Any standard APB slave devices can be attached to the APB master interface. Therefore, how the slave delays an access is implementation‑dependent.

Error response

Error responses that the GFC-100 APB master interface receives are forwarded to the GFC-100 APB slave interface. The conditions that determine when the attached APB slave responds with errors is implementation‑dependent.

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