1.1 About GFC-100

The GFC-100 Generic Flash Controller comprises the generic part of a Flash controller in a System-on-Chip (SoC). GFC-100 enables an embedded Flash macro to be integrated easily into any system.

An eFlash macro enables a Flash controller to access eFlash memory. The eFlash macros produced by different foundries and processes can have different interfaces, timings, signal names, protocols and features that are determined by the foundry processes that produced the eFlash memory.

GFC-100 provides the functions that relate only to services for the system side of the Flash controller. GFC-100 cannot communicate directly with the eFlash macro. Therefore, GFC-100 must be integrated with a process-specific part that connects to, and communicates with, the eFlash macro.

The process-specific part of the Flash controller is part of the Flash subsystem in your SoC. It communicates directly with the eFlash macro through a Flash interface.

Communication between the system and eFlash memory is through a Generic Flash Bus (GFB) supplied with GFC-100.

The following figure shows how GFC-100 is used in a Flash controller implementation.

Figure 1-1 GFC-100 in a Flash controller implementation
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