3.2.3 Accessing Flash from the APB slave port

Software must follow a particular flow to access the embedded Flash from the APB slave interface.

The following figure shows how to access the embedded Flash from the APB slave interface.

Figure 3-3 APB slave access to Flash flowchart
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The APB slave interface can use either of two modes to trigger a new command.

Method 1 allows software to poll the STATUS register for any active bits, where an active bit indicates that GFC-100 is processing a command.

Method 2 enables CMD_SUCCESS_IRQ and CMD_FAIL_IRQ, and waits for either interrupt to be triggered. This event occurs when a command enters the SUCCESS or FAIL state. To initiate a new transfer, software must write to the ADDR, DATA0, and CTRL registers. The CTRL register must be written last because it triggers access to the embedded Flash. The command then enters the queue until it is executed.

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