2.2.2 CoreLink SSE-200 Subsystem for Embedded

The SSE‑200 subsystem provides the following pre-assembled elements to use as the basis of an IoT SoC:

  • Two Cortex®-M33 processors that must be separately licensed.

  • AMBA AHB5 bus matrix for internal and expansion buses.

  • System controller.

  • I-cache.

  • CoreSight™ debug and trace that must be separately licensed.

  • CoreLink™ SIE-200 and CMSDK components.

  • SRAM memory.

  • Power, clock, and reset control infrastructure.


  • For details of the separately licensed Cortex-M33 processor, see the Arm® Cortex®-M33 Processor Technical Reference Manual.

  • For details of the SIE-200 components, see the Arm® CoreLink™ SIE-200 Technical Reference Manual.

  • The SSE‑200 is complemented by software libraries that are integrated with the Mbed™ operating system.

  • The provided system components only form part of the finished SoC and Arm expects system designers to extend and customize the subsystem for their application requirements.

The following figure shows a block diagram of the SSE‑200 elements:

Figure 2-2 SSE-200 Subsystem for Embedded high-level example system block diagram
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