2.5 SIE-200 System IP for Embedded

The CoreLink™ SIE-200 System IP for Embedded product is a collection of interconnect, peripheral, and TrustZone® controller components for use with a processor that complies with the Arm®v8-M processor architecture and the AMBA® 5 AHB5 protocol.

The SIE-200 components are used in the SSE‑200 product, but you can also use the SIE-200 components to create your own custom system.

The CoreLink SIE-200 System IP for Embedded consists of the following components and models that support the AHB5 standard:

  • AHB5 system components.

  • AHB5 bridge components.

  • TrustZone protection controllers.

  • Verification components.

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