2.2.3 Subsystem for Embedded software

Application processor firmware, which is available separately, consists of the code that is required to boot the subsystem up to the point where the OS execution starts. Contact your Arm® representative for details on the software and its location.

The firmware contains:

  • Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) compliant drivers.

  • Flash programming support code, which is separate from Mbed™ OS.

  • Separately ported Mbed OS that includes uVisor ported onto the SSE-050 and SSE‑200 systems.

  • Execution support for the SSE-200 Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP) and RTL simulators.

  • Support for SSE-200 on MPS2 FPGA Development Platform.

  • Mbed OS driver support and code, for example I/O peripherals.

  • Code that is required to load Mbed from boot media and set up the initial security environment.

  • Support for system security components, including memory protection controllers.

  • Support for runtime processor power state control.

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