2.6.1 About the component composition section

The composition section enables hierarchical description of components.

The section lists all subcomponents of a component or system and defines the values of initialization-time and run-time parameters of the contained subcomponents.

Initialize parameters of subcomponents in the composition section by specifying a comma-separated list of name=value statements in parentheses following the component type name. The name must be a published name. The name attribute is relevant for published names. The value can be:

Composition section
MyComponent has two subcomponents mem1 and mem2 that are both of type MyMemory. The expression size=0x1000 sets compile-time parameter size of component mem1 to 0x1000.
component MyComponent
        PARAMETER mem2size;

        mem1: MyMemory(size=0x1000);
        mem2: MyMemory(size=mem2size, id=0x7000);
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