A.4.3 Cross Trigger interfaces

The following table lists the cross trigger channel interface signals. This interface allows partners to expand the cross trigger infrastructure. This interface is synchronous to DEBUGSYSCLK and resides in the PD_DEBUG power domain.

Table A-8 Cross trigger channel signals

Signal name Width Direction Clock domain Description
CTMCHOUT 4 Output DEBUGSYSCLK Channel out port.
CTMCHOUTACKa 4 Input DEBUGSYSCLKb Channel out acknowledge port.
CTMCHIN 4 Input DEBUGSYSCLKb Channel in port.
CTMCHINACK 4 Output DEBUGSYSCLK Channel in acknowledge port.
a If not bypassed ( CTMCHCIHSBYPASS = LOW). If bypassed, the signal is not needed and is tied HIGH.
b If CTMCHCIHSBYPASS = LOW. Else this signal is asynchronous.
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