2.8.1 Overview

The following figure shows a block diagram of the Debug element.

Figure 2-6 Debug element block diagram
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The Debug element provides the following features and interfaces:

In this figure, the example debug expansion logic shows an SWJ-DP being used. The SWJ-DP is a combined JTAG-DP and SW-DP that enables you to connect either an SWD or JTAG probe to a target. It is a standard CoreSight debug port.

The expansion example also shows the use of a single TPIU to bridge the ATB output to a trace output. The debug logic also provides an APB interface to allow the external debug logic to be controlled through the single DAP interface.


The default example implementation reuses the CoreSight™ SoC-400 TPIU and SWJ-DP that is provided as part of the Cortex®-M33 package. This configuration is sufficient for basic use.

For more sophisticated multiprocessor debug solution, a full CoreSight SoC IP solution can be licensed and implemented.

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