2.10 Crypto element

The Crypto element provides the following features:

  • Cryptographic acceleration for the protection of data-in-transit (communication protocols) and data-at-rest.
  • Protection of various assets belonging to the IC or device manufacturer, service operators providing services over the target device and the user itself. These asset protection features include:

    • Image verification at boot or during runtime.

    • Authenticated debug.
    • True Random Number Generation (TRNG).
    • Lifecycle management.
    • Provisioning of assets.

The CryptoCell-312 implements several key interfaces that are visible to software:

  • Two APB4 interfaces, and both interface to the base system through Access Control gates and reside at the following address in the main memory map:

    • APB Configuration Interface at aliased address regions 0x4008_8000-0x4008_BFFF and 0x5008_8000-0x5008_BFFF. This interface provides access to registers that are visible to the programmer within CryptoCell-312, the CryptoCell-312 SRAM, and the NVM. CryptoCell-312 itself handles security checking of accesses to its registers on its own.

    • APB Code Interface at aliased addresses 0x0E00_0000-0x0E00_1FFF and 0x1E00_0000-0x1E00_1FFF. This interface provides access to the non-CryptoCell-312 part of the NVM memory, with word address of 0x00A0-0x1FFC. Note the address offset of 0xA0 being applied to the APB address.
  • A single AHB-Lite bus master interface that connects to the base system using an ACG, with access only to the following address spaces:

    • Code AHB5 Master Expansion Interface, at addresses 0x0000_0000-0x0DFF_FFFF and 0x1000_0000-0x1DFF_FFFF.

    • All implemented SRAM blocks with the areas 0x2000_0000-0x20FF_FFFF and 0x3000_0000-0x30FF_FFFF.
    • AHB5 Master Expansion 0 Interface, at addresses 0x2800_0000-0x2FFF_FFFF, 0x3800_0000-0x3FFF_FFFF, and 0x6000_0000-0x7FFF_FFFF.

For more information on the CryptoCell-312 , see the Arm® TrustZone® CryptoCell-312 Technical Reference Manual.


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