A.4.6 ATB Trace interface

The following table lists the ATB Trace interface signals that are intended to connect to an external TPIU.

This trace interface is synchronous to DEBUGFCLK, is reset using nPORESETDEBUG, and resides in the PD_DEBUG power domain.

Table A-11 Trace signals

Signal name Width Direction Clock domain Description
ATVALID 1 Output DEBUGFCLK A transfer is valid during this cycle. If LOW, all the other ATB signals must be ignored in this cycle.
ATID 7 Output DEBUGFCLK An ID that uniquely identifies the source of the trace.
ATBYTE 1 Output DEBUGFCLK The number of bytes on ATDATA to be captured, minus 1.
ATDATA 16 Output DEBUGFCLK Trace data bus.
ATREADY 1 Input DEBUGFCLK Slave is ready to accept data.
AFVALID 1 Input DEBUGFCLK This is the flush signal. All buffers must be flushed because trace capture is about to stop.
AFREADY 1 Output DEBUGFCLK This is a flush acknowledge. Asserted when buffers are flushed.
SYNCREQ 1 Input DEBUGFCLK Trace synchronization request trace sinks
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