A.4.4 Cross trigger signals

Most of the trigger signals are used within the system. The following table lists the remaining signals that are available for system expansion.

Table A-9 Cross trigger signals

Signal name Width Direction Clock domain Description
CTITRIGIN 8 Input DEBUGSYSCLKc Trigger inputs ports.
CTITRIGINACK 8 Output DEBUGSYSCLK Trigger inputs acknowledge.
CTITRIGOUT 4 Output DEBUGSYSCLK Trigger outputs port.
CTITRIGOUTACKd 4 Input DEBUGSYSCLKe Trigger outputs acknowledge.

This interface is synchronous to DEBUGSYSCLK and resides in the PD_DEBUG power domain.

The CTI also outputs the configuration signals TINIDENSEL, TIHSBYPASS, TISBYPASSACK, TISBYPASSIN, and TODEBUGENSEL. See A.6 Miscellaneous top-level signals.

For more details on the CTI, see Arm® CoreSight™ SoC-400 Technical Reference Manual.

c If TISBYPASSIN = HIGH. Else this signal is asynchronous.
d If not bypassed (TIHSBYPASS = LOW). If bypassed, the signal is not required and must be tied HIGH.
e If TISBYPASSACK = HIGH. Else this signal is asynchronous.
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