2.5.2 Component sources

The following components are from the SIE-200 product:

  • AHB5 interconnect.
  • Memory Protection Controllers (MPC).
  • AHB5 to APB bus converter.
  • APB Peripheral Protection Controller (PPC).
  • AHB5 slave mux.
  • AHB5 master mux.
  • AHB5 sync-up bridge.
  • AHB5 sync-down bridge.
  • Access Control Gates (ACG).

The following components are from the Cortex-M System Design Kit (CMSDK):

  • Timers and dual timers.
  • Watchdog timers.

The following components are unique to the subsystem:

  • The security controller which implements both the Secure Privilege Control Register Block and the Non-secure Privilege Register Block.
  • Message handling units that allow messaging interrupts to be sent to each processor core.
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