1.3 CoreLink SIE-200 components

The SSE-200 uses the following components from the CoreLink™ SIE-200 System IP for Embedded product:

  • AHB5 to AHB5 Sync-down Bridge.
  • AHB5 to AHB5 Sync-up Bridge.
  • AHB5 Slave Multiplexer.
  • AHB5 Master Multiplexer.
  • AHB5 Default Slave.
  • AHB5 Bus Matrix.
  • AHB5 to APB4 Synchronous Bridge.
  • AHB5 Access Control Gate.
  • AHB5 Exclusive Access Monitor.
  • AHB5 to SRAM Interface.
  • AHB5 TrustZone® Memory Protection Controller.
  • APB4 TrustZone Peripheral Protection Controller.

The following CoreLink SIE-200 components can be added to the SSE-200 by the system integrator:

  • AHB5 GPIO.
  • AHB5 Example Slave.
  • AHB5 to External SRAM Interface.
  • AHB5 to Flash Interface Modules.
  • AHB5 to AHB5 and APB4 Asynchronous Bridge.
  • AHB5 Downsizer.
  • AHB5 Upsizer.
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