A.7.1 CryptoCell Lifecycle Indication Interface

The CryptoCell Lifecycle Indication Interface indicates the lifecycle state of the system through different stages of manufacture and deployment of the final product. The following table shows the output signals on the CryptoCell Lifecycle Indication Interface. All signals are synchronous to CRYPTOSYSCLK and are on the Always ON power domain.

Table A-21 CryptoCell Lifecycle Indication signals

Signal name Width Direction Description

Lifecycle State values:

0b000 Chip Manufacture (CM).

0b001 Device Manufacture (DM).

0b101 Secure Enable (SE).

0b111 Return to Merchandise Authorization (RMA).


Lifecycle State values on CRYPTOLCS are valid, where:

1: CRYPTOLCS[2:0] is valid.

0: CRYPTOLCS[2:0] is not valid.

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