A.1 Revisions

This appendix describes technical changes between released issues of this book.

Table A-1 Issue A

Change Location Affects
First release - -

Table A-2 Differences between issue A and issue 0100-00

Change Location Affects
System block diagram updated (includes optional Crypto element) -1.1.2 SSE-200 block diagram r1p0
Feature list updated (added optional Crypto and Power-control components). 2.1 About the hardware components r1p0
Top-level element interconnections block diagram updated; figure abbreviations added. 2.2 Top-level system partitioning r1p0
Interface signals list updated to include Security and optional Crypto interfaces. 2.2.2 Interface signals r1p0
Descriptions of SSE-200 elements updated to match TRM descriptions. r1p0
Added description of optional Crypto element. 2.9 Crypto element r1p0

Table A-3 Differences between issue 0100-00 and issue 0200-00

Change Location Affects

The following documents addded as reference documents:

  • Arm® CoreSight™ Architecture Specification, v2.0.
  • Arm® Debug Interface Architecture Specification ADIv5.0 to ADIv5.2.
All revisions
Arm® Power Policy Unit Architecture Specification, version 1.1 All revisions

The following deliverables added:

  • System level IP-XACT descriptions.
  • UPF 2.0 power intent description.
1.2.1 Hardware deliverables All revisions
  • AHB master bus to code memory replaced with AHB multi-layer bus matrix.
  • Secure debug with debug certificate controlled authentication added.
  • Two Message Handling Units (MHUs) allow software to raise interrupts replaced with Two Message Handling Units (MHUs) to facilitate communication between processors .
2.1 About the hardware components All revisions
Option SRAM size removed. 2.2.1 Configuration options All revisions
  • Power control expansion interfaces replaced by Power and clock control LPI interface.
  • Security replaced by System securitycontroller expansion interface
2.2.2 Interface signals All revisions
Reference to configuration parameter If the coprocessor interface is present removed. 2.3 CPU elements All revisions
Paragraph before the note, and part of the note removed. 2.7 Debug element All revisions
Reference to asset protection feature Provisioning of assets removed. 2.9 Crypto element All revisions
Reference to Flash programming support code, which is separate from Mbed OS removed. 3.1 About the software All revisions
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