2.4.1 Clock and power control interfaces

The External component and the Internal APBCOM can be located in different clock and power domains.


The External components (SDC-600 APBCOM, APBCOM for Integrated Cortex-M DAP, and COM-AP) have a clock LPI Q-Channel to communicate to the clock controller.

The Internal APBCOM has a clock LPI Q-Channel and also a power LPI Q-Channel to communicate with the power controller.

COM asynchronous bridge LPI

The SDC-600 COM asynchronous bridges have two clock LPI Q-Channels, which communicate with the clock controller.

The Indirect CWI asynchronous bridge module additionally has two power LPI Q-Channels, which communicate with the power controller.

Powerup and Reboot Request interfaces

When the External component is on and the Internal APBCOM is off, the External side can request power for the Internal APBCOM and detects when power is granted.

The powerup request is maintained for the duration of communication activity, such as authentication, and removed when finished.

The SDC-600 External component can send remote reset requests to the reset controller to request the servicing agent to reboot. If the Internal APBCOM is located in the same reset domain as the target agent, it and the affected bridge components are also reset.

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