B.1 Revisions

Lists the technical differences between released versions of the document.

Table B-1 Issue 0001-00

Change Location Affects
First release - -

Table B-2 Differences between issue 0001-00 and issue 0002-00

Change Location Affects
sdc600_debugsplitter signals.

2.2 Clocks

A.6 Debug Splitter signals

Bridge internal interface signals renamed.

A.5.2 Internal indirect half bridge signals

A.5.4 Internal direct half bridge signals

An additional Power LPI Q-Channel interface on the Indirect Bridge.

COM asynchronous bridge LPI

A.5.1 External indirect half bridge signals

A.5.2 Internal indirect half bridge signals

Power LPI interface removed from sdc600_comap, sdc600_apbcom_ext, and the sdc600_apbcom_ext_rom.


2.3.1 External APBCOM

2.3.2 COM-AP

2.3.3 External APBCOM for systems with Integrated Cortex-M DAP

EXT_PWR_WAKE signal added to both sides of Indirect Bridge.

A.5.1 External indirect half bridge signals

A.5.2 Internal indirect half bridge signals

General restructuring of the document. The External components and variants have been separated both in the functional and signal descriptions. Throughout document. All versions.

Table B-3 Differences between issue 0002-00 and issue 0002-01

Change Location Affects
Signals ending in n renamed to _N Throughout document. r0p2

Table B-4 Differences between issue 0002-01 and issue 0002-02

Change Location Affects
Added defintions of terminology used throughout the document.

1.1 About

1.3 Configurations

All versions.
Clarified bridge definitions. 1.4 Components All versions.
Reset Request Interface changed to Reboot Request Interface. Throughout document. All versions.
Updated the design process. 1.6 Design Process All versions.
Updated the description of the Internal APBCOM. 2.3.4 Internal APBCOM All versions.
Added Control and Status Register Map for the Internal APBCOM. 3.5 Control and Status Register Map for sdc600_apbcom_int All versions.
Updated description for OFFSET field in ROMENTRY0 register. 3.4.1 ROMENTRY0, Class 0x9 ROM Table entry All versions.
SYSMEM bit in DEVID register now set to 1. 3.7.3 Device ID Register r0p2
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