3.6 Control and Status Registers

The following are the common control and status registers of the COM Port modules.


Refer to the Register Map for each variant for the initial offset.

Table 3-6 Control and Status registers

Offset Type Size Register Description
0x00 RO 32 VIDR 3.6.1 Version ID Register
0x08 RO 32 FIDTXR 3.6.2 Feature ID TxEngine Register
0x0C RO 32 FIDRXR 3.6.3 Feature ID RxEngine Register
0x10 RW 32 ICSR 3.6.4 Interrupt Control Status Register
0x20 RW 32 DR 3.6.5 Data Register
0x2C RW 32 SR 3.6.6 Status Register
0x30 RW 32 DBR 3.6.7 Data Blocking Register
0x3C RW 32 SR 3.6.6 Status Register
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