1.3 Configurations

The SDC-600 Secure Debug Channel is designed to be integrated into three different types of systems.

These systems are:

  • ADIv6-compliant systems, including implementations built using Arm® CoreSight™ SoC-600.
  • ADIv5.2-compliant systems, including implementations built using Arm CoreSight SoC-400.
  • Systems that have processor cores with Integrated Arm Cortex®-M DAP.

The components and interfaces that you use for integration differ depending on your system.

The SDC-600 creates a communication channel between the debugger and the servicing agent. Any of the above system configurations can be further differentiated based on what the servicing agent is:

  • Systems that have a dedicated servicing agent, such as an Arm CryptoIsland subsystem.
  • Systems that run code on the target processor as all or part of the servicing agent. For example, this can be a pure software implementation, or even a driver implementation that uses an external Arm CryptoCell product for part of the processing work.
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