1.5 Interfaces

The SDC-600 has the following external interfaces:

Table 1-1 SDC-600 interfaces

Interface name Description
AMBA4 APB Target slave interface on all programming interfaces (except for COM-AP) and register access infrastructure.
DAPBUS Target slave interface on COM-AP programming interfaces and register access infrastructure.


This interface is used instead of APB and DP_ABORT in ADIv5.2-compliant systems.
Cortex-M Debug

Cortex-M Debug interface can refer to a:

  • Target slave interface that is compatible with the debug master interface of the Integrated Cortex-M DAP of Cortex®-M class processor cores.
  • Master interface that is compatible with the debug slave interface of the Cortex-M class processor cores in non-AHB mode.
LPI Q-Channel Clock and power controlling interfaces intended for low-power usage.
COM Wire interface

Used for low-cost transport of bytes in a point-to-point system to enable communication from an external debugger to a hardware or software agent on a target system.

Powerup Request interface Used to request power for the servicing agent.
Reboot Request interface Used to send a request to reboot the servicing agent.
IRQ interface Used to send an interrupt to the servicing agent.
DP_ABORT An abort request causes the external side to terminate an ongoing transaction and free up its APB slave interface.
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