1.1 About the Power Control Kit

The PCK-600 Power Control Kit provides a set of configurable RTL components for the creation of SoC clock and power control infrastructure. The components use the Arm Q-Channel and P-Channel low power interfaces.

The PCK-600 consists of the following components:

Low Power Distributor Q-Channel (LPD-Q)
The LPD-Q component distributes a Q-Channel from one Q-Channel controller to up to eight Q-Channel devices.
Low Power Distributor P-Channel (LPD-P)
The LPD-P component distributes a P-Channel from one P-Channel controller to up to eight P-Channel devices.
Low Power Combiner Q-Channel (LPC-Q)
The LPC-Q component combines the Q-Channels from multiple Q-Channel controllers to multiple Q-Channel devices with common control requirements.
P-Channel to Q-Channel Converter (P2Q)
The P2Q component converts a P-Channel to a Q-Channel.
Clock Controller (CLK-CTRL)
The CLK-CTRL component provides High-level Clock Gating (HCG) for a single clock domain.
Power Policy Unit (PPU)
The PPU component is a configurable and programmable P-Channel and Q-Channel power domain controller.

The following figure shows an example system that uses the PCK-600 components to manage three power domains. The PCK-600 components are shown in red and blue.

Figure 1-1 Example system that contains PCK-600
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