2.2.4 PACTIVE remapping

For each device P-Channel, the LPD-P can be configured to remap the device P-Channel PACTIVE input to zero or more controller P-Channel PACTIVE outputs.

Typically, the LPD-P generates a ctrl_pactive_o output bit from the logical OR of each dev<X>_pactive_i, with the same bit number. However, in certain situations, it might be necessary to alter this behavior.

Typically, PACTIVE[0] for the OFF power mode is not required because it is requested by default when all other PACTIVE bits are LOW. However, the combination of these bits is still supported for devices that might not support the PACTIVE mapping in the Arm® Power Control System Architecture Specification, version 2.0.

A dev<X>_pactive_i input can be assigned to:

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