2.3 About the LPC-Q Q-Channel Combiner

The Low Power Combiner Q-Channel (LPC-Q) allows two or more Q-Channel controllers to control one or more devices that all have the same control requirements.

When any of the control Q-Channels request quiescence, the LPC-Q moves the device Q-Channels to the quiescent state. The device Q-Channels are brought out of quiescence when the last control Q-Channel exits quiescence.

The following figure shows the main interfaces on the LPC-Q.

Figure 2-4 LPC-Q overview
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You might use an LPC-Q where there is a cross-domain component that must be in a quiescent state whenever either of the associated domains goes to a quiescent power mode such as full retention or off, and there is no fixed relationship between the domains. For example, a cross-domain component such as a protocol domain bridge that operates across two power domains, where the bridge must be put into a quiescent mode before either domain is powered down.

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