This event is issued whenever the semihosting implementation starts blocking on a blocking read operation or returns no data for a non-blocking read operation. It indicates that an application requests some data.


Field Type Description
FDES NumberU64 File descriptor number used for input. This is usually 0, meaning stdin. This value should be passed to the semihosting_provideInputData() function when passing data.
NONBLOCK Boolean Optional. If present and True, this request is caused by a non-blocking read operation. Otherwise, the target instance remains in a blocking read until it receives enough data.
RAW Boolean Optional. If True, all subsequent user input should be fed into the model immediately when it becomes available, as if a terminal is switched to raw I/O. When this field is missing, or False, user input should be fed into the model when the user presses the Enter key, in other words terminal cooked mode. The user interface can allow editing the line before sending it to the model. The raw or cooked mode should stay active until the next IRIS_SEMIHOSTING_INPUT_REQUEST or IRIS_SEMIHOSTING_INPUT_UNBLOCKED event for this file descriptor.
SIZEHINT NumberU64 Number of bytes that the model consumes immediately.
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